G l o b a l  F o o d  R e s o u r c e s




Trade Management

Contracted Services to Aid in Distribution and Sourcing




Sales and Marketing

  • Extensive Market Research activities to find niche products

  • Build and manage relationships in markets by overcoming geographical, cultural, and language barriers

  • Serve and service the marketplace by being physically present in market to gain first-hand information

  • Scrutinize importer's market strategies and work strategically during tough market conditions


  • Evaluate currency and market risks

  • Suggest Export Trade Financing options

  • Facilitate international banking instruments of negotiation such as, L/Cs, D/Ps, and TTs

Product Support

  • Ensure customs, packaging, product dating, and ingredients compliance

  • Involve manufacturers in product development specific to market needs

Private Label

  • Develop and build private brands in Food and HBC categories

  • Work with manufacturer's control and restricted label as well as customer's exclusive label

  • Involved in all aspects from product conception to product marketing at retail level

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